Effect of Individualized Needling on Gross Mother Function in Cerebral Palsy Infants



Effect of Individualized Needling on Gross Mother Function in Cerebral Palsy Infants

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Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science







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OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect of individualized needling protocol (on the basis of functional brain mapping and standardized syndrome differentiation in Chinese medicine) on gross motor fuctions of infants with cerebral palsy (CP) and thus study the innovative means of combining acupuncture with rehabilitation management technique. METHOD: A total of 74 CP infants were randomized into a treament group and a control group, 37 in each group. Combined individualized needling and rehabilitation training were used in the treatment group, versus combined Jin's needling (16 brain-benefiting points) and rehabilitation training in the control group. For both groups, acupuncture treament was conducted once every other day and rehabilitation training every day. The dynamic changes of gross motor functions before treatment and after every 1-month treament were measured and assessed using the Gross Motor Fuction Measure (GMFM)-66. RESULTS: After treatment, the GMFM scores were significantly increased in both groups (P<0.01); there were no between-group statistical differences in increased range of the GMFM scores (P>0.05); the treatment protocol was not interacted with the treatment time; and the GMFM scores for spastic CP infants were better in the treatment group than that in the control group (P<0.05). CONCLUSION: Combined scalp acupuncture and rehabilitation training can produce positive effects on gross motor function of CP infants. Individualized needling can obtain better effects than 16 brain-benefiting points in improving the gross motor functions of spastic CP infants. KEY WORDS: Scalp Acupuncture; Scalp Stimulation Areas; Cerebral Palsy; Syndrome Differentiation Treatment; Standardization of Syndrome Differentiation; Child, Preschool;



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