Needling of the extra 1 point decreases BIS values and preoperative anxiety



Needling of the extra 1 point decreases BIS values and preoperative anxiety







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Acupuncture has anxiolytic effects. We investigated the effect of acupuncture on the Bispectral Index (BIS) values and anxiety. Fifty patients were randomly assigned to group A to receive acupuncture for 15 minutes on the extra 1 point (yintang) or to group C, where they received the same treatment on a control point located 2 cm lateral to the end of the right eyebrow. BIS values were recorded before acupuncture; during acupuncture every 30 seconds for 15 minutes and every 30 seconds for 90 seconds when the acupuncture treatment was accomplished. Anxiety level was assessed before and after acupuncture by a verbal score scale (VSS) (0 = no anxiety, 10 = worst anxiety). BIS values were significantly decreased during acupuncture when applied on the extra 1 point (p = 0.0001) but not on the control point. Acupuncture application significantly decreased the VSS values within the A group (p = 0.027) and in the C group (p = 0.0001), when compared to the baseline (pre-acupuncture) VSS values. However, no differences were found between the two groups regarding BIS or VSS values. In conclusion, needling the extra 1 point preoperatively significantly decreases the BIS values and the VSS for anxiety but needling of a control point decrease only VSS values

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Mental Disorders

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