Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of K1 acupoint acustimulation to prevent cisplatin-induced or oxaliplatin-induced nausea



Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of K1 acupoint acustimulation to prevent cisplatin-induced or oxaliplatin-induced nausea

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BACKGROUND: Greater than 70% of patients with cancer experience chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. In the current study, the authors examined the effects of electrostimulation of the K1 acupoint located on the sole of the foot because it is believed to have the potential to control chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. METHODS: In this trial, 103 patients diagnosed with primary or metastatic liver cancer were recruited before transcatheter arterial infusion (TAI) of cisplatin or oxaliplatin and randomized to either group A (51 patients who were treated with the antiemetic tropisetron and acustimulation at the K1 acupoint for 20 minutes approximately 1 to 2 hours before TAI on the first day and then daily for the subsequent 5 days) or group B (52 patients who were treated with tropisetron and electrostimulation at a placebo point on the heel). The rate, intensity, and duration of nausea and vomiting were collected at baseline and then daily for 5 days after TAI. Quality of life was assessed daily using the MD Anderson Symptom Inventory and the EuroQoL scale. RESULTS: No differences were found between groups A and B with regard to the incidence and degree of nausea or vomiting on day 1 or the following 5 days. Patients in group A had better EuroQoL scores compared with patients in group B (72.83 in group A vs 65.94 in group B; P =.04) on day 4 but not on the other days. No group differences were noted at any time point for MD Anderson Symptom Inventory scores. CONCLUSIONS: Electrostimulation of K1 combined with antiemetics did not result in initial prevention of cisplatin-induced or oxaliplatin-induced nausea or vomiting.


Date of Input: 4/7/2015; Date Modified: 5/7/2015; Availability: --In File--; Priority: Normal; Chemotherapy Side Effects; Department of Integrative Oncology, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, China; Department of Oncology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.; eng; Web:

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