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Author (up) To, K.M.; Dong, T.T.; Huang, Y.
Title A Comparative Study Between Siomple Bo's Abdominal Acupuncture and its Combination with Radiation by Electromagnetic Wave in Treating Chronic Gastritis Type of Study RCT
Year 2009 Publication International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture Abbreviated Journal Int J Clin Acupunct
Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 113-118
Keywords AcuTrials; Gastritis; Gastrointestinal Diseases; RCT; Acu Versus Acu; Acu Versus CAM Control; Electromagnetic Wave Radiation; Acupuncture; Other Acupuncture Style; Bo's Abdominal Acupuncture Method; Fixed Acupuncture Protocol; Restricted Modalities, Acupuncture + Other; CAM Control
Abstract Objective: To compare the curative effect between simple Bo's abdominal acupuncture and its combination with radiation by electromagnetic wave in treating chronic gastritis. Method: 60 patients with chronic gastritis were divided into 2 groups randomly with each grou containing 30 patients. Patients in group 1, the treatment group, recieved the treatment of Bo's abdominal acupuncture and electromagnetic wave. Patients in group 2, the control group, recieved the treatment of simple Bo's abdominal acupuncture. The observation lasted for 4 weeks. The clnical curative effects of the two groups were compared, and the cured cases, the curative effect of different types and the scores of McGill Pain Scale were compared. Result: There was not a significant difference in the curative effect between the tratment and control group, but there were significant differences in the cured case numbers. The difference of the curative effect in different syndromes was obvious but there was no difference in curing deficiency heat and deficiency cold syndromes in the treatment group. After four weeks of treatment, there were no differences in the McGill Pain Scale scores, however, notalble differences did appear at the end of the 2nd week. Conclusion: Both simple Bo's abdominal acupuncture and the combination with electromagnetic wave radiation had a good effect on treating chronic gastritis. The combination method could be used to treat both the heat and cold types by relieving pain and shortening the course of treatment.
Language Number of Treatments 12
Treatment Follow-up N/A Frequency >1/WK Number of Participants 60
Time in Treatment 4 Weeks Condition Gastritis
Disease Category Gastrointestinal Diseases OCSI Score
Notes Approved no
Call Number Serial 1167
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