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Author (up) Ma, Y. X.; Ye, X. N.; Liu, C. Z.; Cai, P. Y.; Li, Z. F.; Du, D. Q.; Guo, G.; Chen, S. Z.; Zhao, J. P.; Liu, J. J.; Yi, H. Q.; Gao, S. Z.
Title A clinical trial of acupuncture about time-varying treatment and points selection in primary dysmenorrhea Type of Study RCT
Year 2013 Publication Journal of ethnopharmacology Abbreviated Journal J Ethnopharmacol
Volume 148 Issue 2 Pages 498-504
Keywords AcuTrials; Menstruation Disturbances; Dysmenorrhea; Women's Health; Gynecology; Fixed Acupuncture Protocol; Restricted Modalities, Acupuncture Only; No Treatment Control; Acupuncture; TCM Acupuncture Style; RCT; Acu Versus > 1 Control; CAM Control; Acu Versus Acu
Abstract OBJECTIVE: To observe the clinical therapeutic effects of acupuncture at single point Shiqizhui (EX-B8) and multi-points in time-varying treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. METHODS: 600 patients with primary dysmenorrhea were randomly assigned to the single point group (n=200) including group A (treating before the menstruation, n=100) and group B (immediately treating as soon as pain occurrence, n=100), the multi-points group (n=200) including group C (treating before the menstruation, n=100) and group D (immediately treating as soon as pain occurrence, n=100), or the control group, group E (n=200, no treatment). The therapeutic effects were analyzed after treatment for three menstrual cycles and interviewed for three follow-up periods. RESULTS: Acupuncture could effectively relieve menstrual pain for primary dysmenorrhea compared with the control group (P<0.05, P<0.01). Immediate pain relief occurred following acupuncture within 5min in group B (P<0.01) and group D (P<0.01), and the two groups obviously relieved menstrual pain for VAS scores. Both group A and group C obviously relieved menstrual pain (P<0.01), and group C was better than group A (P<0.05). Compared with group D, Group C was much better for CMSS scores in cycle 1. CONCLUSION: Treating before the menstruation is better than immediately treating as soon as pain occurrence at the improvement in symptoms of dysmenorrheal at multi-points. And single point is better than multi-points when immediately treating as soon as pain occurrence. The present trial suggest Shiqizhui (EX-B8) should be chosen as a convenient point.
Address Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong, Jinan 250355, China
Language Number of Treatments 12
Treatment Follow-up 12 Weeks Frequency 1/WK Number of Participants 600
Time in Treatment 12 Weeks Condition Dysmennorhea
Disease Category Menstruation Disturbances OCSI Score
Notes Approved no
Call Number Serial 795
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