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Author (up) Aydin, S.; Ercan, M.; Caskurlu, T.; Tasci, A. I.; Karaman, I.; Odabas, O.; Yilmaz, Y.; Agargun, M. Y.; Kara, H.; Sevin, G.
Title Acupuncture and hypnotic suggestions in the treatment of non-organic male sexual dysfunction Type of Study RCT
Year 1997 Publication Scandinavian journal of urology and nephrology Abbreviated Journal Scand J Urol Nephrol
Volume 31 Issue 3 Pages 271-274
Keywords CAM Control; Acu Versus > 1 Control; AcuTrials; Electroacupuncture; Fixed Acupuncture Protocol; Hypnosis; Impotence; Genital Diseases, Male; Non Penetrating Sham, Electrical; RCT; Restricted Modalities, Acupuncture Only; Sham Acupoint Control; Sham Control; Standard Needling Depth; TCM Acupuncture Style; Sexual Dysfunctions, Physiological; Erectile Dysfunction
Abstract We have examined the effects of acupuncture and hypnotic suggestions, and compared them with placebo in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction with no detectable organic cause. The study comprised 15 men (mean age 36.7 +/- 10.43 years) who received acupuncture treatment, 16 men (mean age 38.4 +/- 10.75 years) who underwent hypnosis (mean age 35.3 +/- 11.52 years) and 29 men (mean age 36.2 +/- 11.38 years) who served as controls. They were interviewed periodically; the patients' reports were verified by interviewing their partners. Men who received placebo had a 43-47% improvement in sexual function, while the rates of improvement in the treated groups were higher, but not significantly so. The success rates of acupuncture and hypnotic suggestions were 60% and 75% respectively. Although the improvement was not statistically significant, treatment with acupuncture could be used as an adjuvant therapy in non-organic male sexual dysfunction. The only treatment superior to placebo seemed to be hypnosis. A more effective treatment may be obtained by combining these therapeutic modalities, but this needs further study
Address Department of Urology, Medical School of Yuzuncu Yil University, Istanbul, Turkey
Language Number of Treatments 12
Treatment Follow-up N/A Frequency >1/WK Number of Participants 60
Time in Treatment 6 Weeks Condition Sexual Dysfunction, Physiological
Disease Category Genital Diseases, Male OCSI Score
Notes Approved no
Call Number Serial 48
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