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Berry, H.; Fernandes, L.; Bloom, B.; Clark, R. J.; Hamilton, E. B. Clinical study comparing acupuncture, physiotherapy, injection and oral anti-inflammatory therapy in shoulder-cuff lesions 1980 Current medical research and opinion 7 121-126 details   url
Ceccherelli, F.; Bordin, M.; Gagliardi, G. Comparison Between Superficial and Deep Acupuncture in the Treatment of the Shoulder's Myofascial Pain: A Randomized and Controlled Study 2001 Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research 26 229-238 details   openurl
Chen, B.; Xhang, J.; Wu, Y. Therapeutic Effect Observation on Combined Tuina with Warm Needling Moxibustion for Adhesive Shoulder Periarthritis 2012 Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science 10 383-387 details   openurl
Chen, C. H.; Chen, T. W.; Weng, M. C.; Wang, W. T.; Wang, Y. l.; Huang, M. H. The effect of electroacupuncture on shoulder subluxation for stroke patients 2000 The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences 16 525-532 details   url
Chou, L. W.; Hsieh, Y. L.; Kao, M. J.; Hong, C. Z. Remote influences of acupuncture on the pain intensity and the amplitude changes of endplate noise in the myofascial trigger point of the upper trapezius muscle 2009 Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 90 905-912 details   url
DiLorenzo, L.; Traballesi, M.; Morelli, D.; Pompa, A.; Brunelli, S.; Formisano, R. Hemiparetic Shoulder Pain Syndrome Treated with Deep Dry Needling During Early Rehabilitation: A Prospective, Open-Label, Randomized Investigation 2003 12 25-34 details   openurl
Dong, W.; Goost, H.; Lin, X.-B.; Burger, C.; Paul, C.; Wang, Z.-L.; Zhang, T.-Y.; Jiang, Z.-C.; Welle, K.; Kabir, K. Treatments for shoulder impingement syndrome: a PRISMA systematic review and network meta-analysis 2015 Medicine 94 e510 details   doi
Dyson-Hudson, T. A.; Kadar, P.; Lafountaine, M.; Emmons, R.; Kirshblum, S. C.; Tulsky, D.; Komaroff, E. Acupuncture for chronic shoulder pain in persons with spinal cord injury: a small-scale clinical trial 2007 Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 88 1276-1283 details   url
Dyson-Hudson, T. A.; Shiflett, S. C.; Kirshblum, S. C.; Bowen, J. E.; Druin, E. L. Acupuncture and Trager psychophysical integration in the treatment of wheelchair user's shoulder pain in individuals with spinal cord injury 2001 Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 82 1038-1046 details   url
Gilbertson, B.; Wenner, K.; Russell, L. C. Acupuncture and arthroscopic acromioplasty 2003 Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society 21 752-758 details   url
Green, S.; Buchbinder, R.; Hetrick, S. Acupuncture for shoulder pain 2005 Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - details   doi
Guerra de Hoyos, J. A.; Martin, Mdel C.; Leon, E. B.; Lopez, M. V.; Lopez, T. M.; Morilla, F. A.; Moreno, M. J. Randomised trial of long term effect of acupuncture for shoulder pain 2004 Pain 112 289-298 details   url
Itoh, K.; Saito, S.; Sahara, S.; Naitoh, Y.; Imai, K.; Kitakoji, H. Randomized trial of trigger point acupuncture treatment for chronic shoulder pain: a preliminary study 2014 Journal of acupuncture and meridian studies 7 59-64 details   doi
Johansson, K. M.; Adolfsson, L. E.; Foldevi, M. O. Effects of acupuncture versus ultrasound in patients with impingement syndrome: randomized clinical trial 2005 Physical therapy 85 490-501 details   url
Johansson, K.; Bergstrom, A.; Schroder, K.; Foldevi, M. Subacromial corticosteroid injection or acupuncture with home exercises when treating patients with subacromial impingement in primary care--a randomized clinical trial 2011 Family practice - details   url
Kleinhenz, J.; Streitberger, K.; Windeler, J.; Gussbacher, A.; Mavridis, G.; Martin, E. Randomised clinical trial comparing the effects of acupuncture and a newly designed placebo needle in rotator cuff tendinitis 1999 Pain 83 235-241 details   url
Lathia, A. T.; Jung, S. M.; Chen, L. x. Efficacy of Acupuncture as a Treatment for Chronic Shoulder Pain 2009 - details   url
Lee, J. A.; Park, S. W.; Hwang, P. W.; Lim, S. M.; Kook, S.; Choi, K. I.; Kang, K. S. Acupuncture for shoulder pain after stroke: a systematic review 2012 Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.) 18 818-823 details   url
Ma, T.; Kao, M. J.; Lin, I. H.; Chiu, Y. L.; Chien, C.; Ho, T. J.; Chu, B. C.; Chang, Y. H. A study on the clinical effects of physical therapy and acupuncture to treat spontaneous frozen shoulder 2006 The American journal of Chinese medicine 34 759-775 details   url
Molsberger, A. F.; Schneider, T.; Gotthardt, H.; Drabik, A. German Randomized Acupuncture Trial for chronic shoulder pain (GRASP) – a pragmatic, controlled, patient-blinded, multi-centre trial in an outpatient care environment 2010 Pain 151 146-154 details   url
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