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Wu, J.-Y.; Zhang, C.; Xu, Y.-P.; Yu, Y.-Y.; Peng, L.; Leng, W.-D.; Niu, Y.-M.; Deng, M.-H. Acupuncture therapy in the management of the clinical outcomes for temporomandibular disorders: A PRISMA-compliant meta-analysis 2017 Medicine 96 e6064
von Deneen, K. M.; Wei, Q.; Peng, L.; Hao, D.M.; Peng, C.; Xie, H.; Tian, J.; Gold, M.S.; Liu, Y. Randomized fMRI trial of the central effects of acute acupuncture on glucose levels and core body temperature in “overweight” males 2011 Medical acupuncture 23 165-173
Mu, J.; Liu, L.; Zhou, L.; Luo, Q.; Ao, J.; Peng, L. Clinical Observtion of Fu's Subcutaneous Needling plus Electroacupuncture for Post-stroke Spastic Hemiplegia 2012 Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science 10 372-376