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Ozgoli, G.; Sedigh Mobarakabadi, S.; Heshmat, R.; Alavi Majd, H.; Sheikhan, Z. Effect of LI4 and BL32 acupressure on labor pain and delivery outcome in the first stage of labor in primiparous women: A randomized controlled trial 2016 Complementary Therapies in Medicine 29 175-180 details   doi
Li, H.L.; Sun, Y.Z. Clinical Research on the Effect of Scalp Penetration Acupuncture Treating Exercise-Induced Fatigue 2011 International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture 20 79-82 details   openurl
You, X.-M.; Mo, X.-S.; Ma, L.; Zhong, J.-H.; Qin, H.-G.; Lu, Z.; Xiang, B.-D.; Wu, F.-X.; Zhao, X.-H.; Tang, J.; Pang, Y.-H.; Chen, J.; Li, L.-Q. Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Efficacy of Simo Decoction and Acupuncture or Chewing Gum Alone on Postoperative Ileus in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Hepatectomy 2015 Medicine 94 e1968 details   doi
Liu, Y.; Xu, M.; Che, X.; He, J.; Guo, D.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, S.; Kang, K.; Zhang, C.; Wang, Y.; Li, S.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, L.; Zhang, M.; Han, B.; Jing, Y.; Zhang, N. Effect of direct current pulse stimulating acupoints of JiaJi (T10-13) and Ciliao (BL 32) with Han's Acupoint Nerve Stimulator on labour pain in women: a randomized controlled clinical study 2015 Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 35 620-625 details   doi
Huang, H.; Zhong, Z.; Chen, J.; Huang, Y.; Luo, J.; Wu, J.; Liao, H.; Zhen, E.; Lin, R.; Fasmer, O.B.; Wik, G. Effect of acupuncture at HT7 on heart rate variability: an exploratory study 2015 Acupuncture in Medicine : Journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society 33 30-35 details   doi
Leonhardt, H.; Hellstrom, M.; Gull, B.; Lind, A.-K.; Nilsson, L.; Janson, P.O.; Stener-Victorin, E. Serum anti-Mullerian hormone and ovarian morphology assessed by magnetic resonance imaging in response to acupuncture and exercise in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: secondary analyses of a randomized controlled trial 2015 Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 94 279-287 details   doi
Gemma, M.; Nicelli, E.; Gioia, L.; Moizo, E.; Beretta, L.; Calvi, M.R. Acupuncture accelerates recovery after general anesthesia: a prospective randomized controlled trial 2015 Journal of Integrative Medicine 13 99-104 details   doi
Ohkubo, M.; Hamaoka, T.; Niwayama, M.; Murase, N.; Osada, T.; Kime, R.; Kurosawa, Y.; Sakamoto, A.; Katsumura, T. Local increase in trapezius muscle oxygenation during and after acupuncture 2009 Dynamic Medicine : DM 8 1-8 details   doi
Pfab, F.; Huss-Marp, J.; Gatti, A.; Fuqin, J.; Athanasiadis, G. I.; Irnich, D.; Raap, U.; Schober, W.; Behrendt, H.; Ring, J.; Darsow, U. Influence of acupuncture on type I hypersensitivity itch and the wheal and flare response in adults with atopic eczema – a blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. 2010 Allergy 65 903-10 details   openurl
Knox, V.J.; Handfield-Jones, C.E.; Shum, K. Subject expectancy and the reduction of cold pressor pain with acupuncture and placebo acupuncture 1979 Psychosomatic Medicine 41 477-486 details   doi
Itoh, K.; Ochi, H.; Kitakoji, H. Effects of tender point acupuncture on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)--a pragmatic trial 2008 Chin Med 3 details   openurl
Hubscher, M.; Vogt, L.; Bernhorster, M.; Rosenhagen, A.; Banzer, W. Effects of acupuncture on symptoms and muscle function in delayed-onset muscle soreness 2008 J Altern Complement Med 14 1011-1016 details   openurl
Gentil, D.; Assumpcao, J.; Yamamura, Y.; Barros Neto, T. The effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on physical performance by sedentary subjects submitted to ergospirometric test on the treadmill 2005 J Sports Med Phys Fitness 45 134-140 details   openurl
Yin, H.; Wang, S. Effect of Acupuncture at Shenmai (BL 62) and Zhaohai (KI 6) on Polysomnography of Primary Insomnia 2013 Int J Clin Acupunct 22 114-116 details   openurl
Anderson, D.G.; Jamieson, J.L.; Man, S.C. Analgesic Effects of Acupuncture on the Pain of Ice Water: A Double-Blind Study 1974 Canadian journal of psychology 28 239-244 details   openurl
Lux, G.; Hagel, J.; Backer, P.; Backer, G.; Vogl, R.; Ruppin, H.; Domschke, S.; Domschke, W. Acupuncture inhibits vagal gastric acid secretion stimulated by sham feeding in healthy subjects 1994 Gut 35 1026-1029 details   doi
Barlas, P.; Ting, S.L.; Chesterton, L.S.; Jones, P.W.; Sim, J. Effects of intensity of electroacupuncture upon experimental pain in healthy human volunteers: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study 2006 Pain 122 81-89 details   openurl
Barlas, P.; Robinson, J.; Allen, J.; Baxter, G.D. Lack of effect of acupuncture upon signs and symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness 2000 Clin Physiol 449-456 details   openurl
Vickland, V.; Rogers, C.; Craig, A.; Tran, Y. Electrodermal activity as a possible physiological marker for acupuncture 2008 Complement Ther Clin Pract 14 83-89 details   openurl
Mu, J.P.; Liu, L.; Cheng, J.M.; Zhou, L.Z.; Ao, J.B.; Wang, J.; Fang, W.; Hu, J. Clinical Study Clinical Study on Electroacupuncture for Post-withdrawal Anxiety-depression Mood in Heroin Addicts 2009 J Acupunct Tuina Sci 7 203-206 details   openurl
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