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Couto, C.; de Souza, I.C.C.; Torres, I.L.S.; Fregni, F.; Caumo, W. Paraspinal Stimulation Combined With Trigger Point Needling and Needle Rotation for the Treatment of Myofascial Pain: A Randomized Sham-controlled Clinical Trial 2014 Clinical Journal of Pain 30 214-223 details   doi
La Touche, R.; Goddard, G.; De-la-Hoz, J.L.; Wang, K.; Paris-Alemany, A.; Angulo-Diaz-Parreno, S.; Mesa, J.; Hernandez, M. Acupuncture in the treatment of pain in temporomandibular disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 2010 The Clinical journal of pain 26 541-550 details   doi
Vincent, C. A. A controlled trial of the treatment of migraine by acupuncture 1989 The Clinical journal of pain 5 305-312 details   url
Stener-Victorin, E.; Kruse-Smidje, C.; Jung, K. Comparison Between Electro-Acupuncture and Hydrotherapy, Both in Combination With Patient Education and Patient Education Alone, on the Symptomatic Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Hip 2004 The Clinical journal of pain 20 179-185 details   url
Nesheim, B. I.; Kinge, R.; Berg, B.; Alfredsson, B.; Allgot, E.; Hove, G.; Johnsen, W.; Jorsett, I.; Skei, S.; Solberg, S. Acupuncture during labor can reduce the use of meperidine: a controlled clinical study 2003 The Clinical journal of pain 19 187-191 details   url
Miyazaki, S.; Hagihara, A.; Kanda, R.; Mukaino, Y.; Nobutomo, K. Applicability of press needles to a double-blind trial: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 2009 The Clinical journal of pain 25 438-444 details   url
Manias, P.; Tagaris, G.; Karageorgiou, K. Acupuncture in headache: a critical review 2000 The Clinical journal of pain 16 334-339 details   url
Haker, E.; Lundeberg, T. Acupuncture treatment in epicondylalgia: a comparative study of two acupuncture techniques 1990 The Clinical journal of pain 6 221-226 details   url
Kerr, D. P.; Walsh, D. M.; Baxter, D. Acupuncture in the management of chronic low back pain: a blinded randomized controlled trial 2003 The Clinical journal of pain 19 364-370 details   url
Goldman, R. H.; Stason, W. B.; Park, S. K.; Kim, R.; Schnyer, R. N.; Davis, R. B.; Legedza, A. T.; Kaptchuk, T. J. Acupuncture for treatment of persistent arm pain due to repetitive use: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2008 The Clinical journal of pain 24 211-218 details   url
Fleckenstein, J.; Lill, C.; Ludtke, R.; Gleditsch, J.; Rasp, G.; Irnich, D. A single point acupuncture treatment at large intestine meridian: a randomized controlled trial in acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis 2009 The Clinical journal of pain 25 624-631 details   url
Cheng, R. S.; Pomeranz, B. Electrotherapy of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: Comparison of Electroacupuncture and Acupuncture-Like Transcutaneous elecrical Nerve Stimulation 1986 The Clinical journal of pain 2 143-149 details   openurl
Ceccherelli, F.; Rigoni, M. T.; Gagliardi, G.; Ruzzante, L. Comparison of superficial and deep acupuncture in the treatment of lumbar myofascial pain: a double-blind randomized controlled study 2002 The Clinical journal of pain 18 149-153 details   url
Birch, S.; Jamison, R. N. Controlled trial of Japanese acupuncture for chronic myofascial neck pain: assessment of specific and nonspecific effects of treatment 1998 The Clinical journal of pain 14 248-255 details   url
Alecrim-Andrade, J.; Maciel-Junior, J. A.; Carne, X.; Vasconcelos, G. M.S.; Correa-Filho, H. R. Acupuncture in migraine prevention: a randomized sham controlled study with 6-months posttreatment follow-up 2008 The Clinical journal of pain 24 98-105 details   url
Yang, C. P.; Chang, M. H.; Li, T. C.; Hsieh, C. L.; Hwang, K. L.; Chang, H. H. Predicting Prognostic Factors in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Acupuncture Versus Topiramate Treatment in Patients With Chronic Migraine 2013 The Clinical journal of pain 29 982-987 details   doi
Lee, J. H.; Choi, T. Y.; Lee, M. S.; Lee, H.; Shin, B. C.; Lee, H. Acupuncture for acute low back pain: a systematic review 2013 The Clinical journal of pain 29 172-185 details   doi
Yang, C. P.; Hsieh, C. L.; Wang, N. H.; Li, T. C.; Hwang, K. L.; Yu, S. C.; Chang, M. H. Acupuncture in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome: A randomized controlled trial 2009 The Clinical journal of pain 25 327-333 details   url
Wetzel, B.; Pavlovic, D.; Kuse, R.; Gibb, A.; Merk, H.; Lehmann, C.; Wendt, M.; Usichenko, T. I. The effect of auricular acupuncture on fentanyl requirement during hip arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial 2011 The Clinical journal of pain 27 262-267 details   url
Soderberg, E. I.; Carlsson, J. Y.; Stener-Victorin, E.; Dahlof, C. Subjective Well-being in Patients With Chronic Tension-type Headache: Effect of Acupuncture, Physical Training, and Relaxation Training 2011 The Clinical journal of pain - details   url
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