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Zhao, Y. p.; Ding, M.; Wang, Y. j. Forty Cases of Gastrointestinal Neurosis Treated by Acupuncture 2008 28 15-17 details   openurl
Zhao, Y. Acupuncture plus point-injection for 32 cases of obstinate urticaria 2006 26 22-23 details   url
Zhao, X.; Tang, Q.; Wang, Y. A Research on Treating Post-Stroke Lower Limb Dysfunction by Comprehensive Treatment 2010 International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture 19 145-148 details   openurl
Zhao, N.; Guo, R.; Ren, Q.; Ji, B.; Li, J. Effects of Acupuncture at Feishu (BL 13) and Nonmeridian-nonacupoint on Pulmonary Function 2005 N European Journ 28-29 details   openurl
Zhao, L.; Zhang, H.; Zheng, Z.; Huang, J. Electroacupuncture on the head points for improving gnosia in patients with vascular dementia 2009 29 29-34 details   openurl
Zhao, L.; Qin, W.; Liu, J.X.; Fang, L.; Dong, M.H.; Zhang, F.W.; Jiang, C.; Sun, J.B.; von Deneen, K.M.; Liang, F.R. Two sets of acupoint combination of similar functions engage shared neural representation: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study 2014 Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 20 184-193 details   doi
Zhao, L.; Liu, J.; Zhang, F.; Dong, X.; Peng, Y.; Qin, W.; Wu, F.; Li, Y.; Yuan, K.; von Deneen, K. M.; Gong, Q.; Tang, Z.; Liang, F. Effects of long-term acupuncture treatment on resting-state brain activity in migraine patients: a randomized controlled trial on active acupoints and inactive acupoints 2014 PloS one 9 - details   doi
Zhao, L. j. Acupuncture and Chinese patent drugs for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome 2005 25 99-101 details   url
Zhao, J.; Sang, P. Clinical Observation on Acupuncture Treatment of Depressive Neurosis in 30 cases 2006 26 191-192 details   openurl
Zhao, J.; Lam, D. S.; Chen, L. J.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, C.; Lin, Q.; Rao, S. K.; Fan, D. S.; Zhang, M.; Leung, P. C.; Ritch, R. Randomized controlled trial of patching vs acupuncture for anisometropic amblyopia in children aged 7 to 12 years 2010 Archives of ophthalmology 128 1510-1517 details   url
Zhao, J. P.; Piao, Y. Z.; Wang, J. Effect of Acupuncture Combined with Blood-letting by a Three-edged Needle on 50 Cases of Bell's Palsy at the Acute Stage 2010 30 118-121 details   openurl
Zhao, J. Acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis caused by craniocerebral trauma in 50 cases 2003 23 47-48 details   url
Zhao, H.; Nie, W.; Sun, Y.; Li, S.; Yang, S.; Meng, F.; Zhang, L.; Wang, F.; Huang, S. Warm Needling Therapy and Acupuncture at Meridian-Sinew Sites Based on the Meridian-Sinew Theory: Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain 2015 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2015 1-8 details   url
Zhao, H.-J.; Tan, J.-Y.; Wang, T.; Jin, L. Auricular therapy for chronic pain management in adults: A synthesis of evidence 2015 Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 21 68-78 details   doi
Zhao, H. Observations on the Theraputic Effects of Acupuncture on Vascular Dementia 2005 6 33-35 details   openurl
Zhao, C.; Xie, G.; Weng, T.; Lu, X.; Lu, M. Acupuncture treatment of chronic superficial gastritis by the eight methods of intelligent turtle 2003 23 278-279 details   url
Zhao, C.; Bao, C.; Li, J.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, S.; Yang, L.; Shi, Y.; Liu, H.; Dou, C.; Ding, G.; Wang, X.; Wu, H. Moxibustion and Acupuncture Ameliorate Crohn’s Disease by Regulating the Balance between Th17 and Treg Cells in the Intestinal Mucosa 2015 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2015 1-11 details   url
Zhao, B. X.; Wang, K. S.; Zhao, J. X.; Wang, C. S.; Huang, X. H.; Ma, S. Q.; Qiang, H. Clinical effects of acupuncture after surgical operation in patients with prolapse of the lumbar intervertebral disc 2008 28 250-254 details   openurl
Zhang, Z.; Dai, E.; Guan, L.; Li, Y. Clinical Observation on Acupuncture Treatment for Cerebral Infarction Sequela 2013 Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science 11 109-112 details   doi
Zhang, Z. l. Acupuncture + medication versus medication alone in lowering intracranial pressure in apoplectic patients 1996 International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture 7 17-21 details   openurl
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