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Wang, T.; Zhang, Q.; Xue, X.; Yeung, A. A systematic review of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome in china 2008 The American journal of Chinese medicine 36 1-24 details   url
Shergis, J.L.; Ni, X.; Jackson, M.L.; Zhang, A.L.; Guo, X.; Li, Y.; Lu, C.; Xue, C.C. A systematic review of acupuncture for sleep quality in people with insomnia 2016 Complementary Therapies in Medicine 26 11-20 details   doi
Kim, S. Y.; Lee, H.; Chae, Y.; Park, H. J.; Lee, H. A systematic review of cost-effectiveness analyses alongside randomised controlled trials of acupuncture 2012 Acupuncture in medicine : journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society 30 273-285 details   url
Franconi, G.; Manni, L.; Schroder, S.; Marchetti, P.; Robinson, N. A systematic review of experimental and clinical acupuncture in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy 2013 Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM 2013 1-7 details   doi
White, A. R.; Ernst, E. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for neck pain 1999 38 143-147 details   url
Leo, R. J.; Ligot, J. S. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture in the treatment of depression 2007 97 13-22 details   url
Roberts, J.; Huissoon, A.; Dretzke, J.; Wang, D.; Hyde, C. A systematic review of the clinical effectiveness of acupuncture for allergic rhinitis 2008 8 13- details   url
Huang, W.; Kutner, N.; Bliwise, D. L. A systematic review of the effects of acupuncture in treating insomnia 2009 Sleep medicine 13 73-104 details   url
Liu, H.; Li, H.; Xu, M.; Chung, K. F.; Zhang, S. P. A systematic review on acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia 2010 Alternative therapies in health and medicine 16 30-35 details   url
Rubinstein, S. M.; van Middelkoop, M.; Kuijpers, T.; Ostelo, R.; Verhagen, A. P.; de Boer, M. R.; Koes, B. W.; van Tulder, M. W. A systematic review on the effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine for chronic non-specific low-back pain 2010 European spine journal : official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society 19 1213-1228 details   url
Sui, Y.; Zhao, H. L.; Wong, V. C.; Brown, N.; Li, X. L.; Kwan, A. K.; Hui, H. L.; Ziea, E. T.; Chan, J. C. A systematic review on use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for treatment of obesity 2012 Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity - details   url
Cheng, P. T.; Wong, M. K.; Chang, P. L. A therapeutic trial of acupuncture in neurogenic bladder of spinal cord injured patients--a preliminary report 1998 Spinal cord 36 476-480 details   url
Lembo, A. J.; Conboy, L.; Kelley, J. M.; Schnyer, R. S.; McManus, C. A.; Quilty, M. T.; Kerr, C. E.; Drossman, D.; Jacobson, E. E.; Davis, R. B.; Kaptchuk, T. J. A Treatment Trial of Acupuncture in IBS Patients 2009 - details   url
Zhang, W.-P.; Onose, Y.; Fujikawa, T. A Trial Study of Moxibustion with a Warming Needle on Edema 2017 Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies 10 20-25 details   doi
Wang, X. Y.; Yuan, S. H.; Yang, H. Y.; Sun, Y. M.; Cheng, F. P.; Zhang, C. l.; Huang, X. C. Abdominal acupuncture for insomnia in women: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2008 Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research 33 33-41 details   url
Weidong Pan; Mingzhe Wang; Mao Li; Qiudong Wang; Shin Kwak; Wenfei Jiang; Yoshiharu Yamamoto Actigraph Evaluation of Acupuncture for Treating Restless Legs Syndrome 2015 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 1-7 details   doi
Kurath-Koller, S.; Pansy, J.; Mileder, L.P.; Schmölzer, G.M.; Urlesberger, B.; Raith, W. Active Somatic and Psychic Ear Acupuncture Points in Newborn Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome 2016 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 22 788-793 details   url
Ngai, S.P.C.; Spencer, L.M.; Jones, A.Y.M.; Alison, J.A. Acu-TENS Reduces Breathlessness during Exercise in People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2017 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 1-7 details   url
Anastasi, J. K.; Capili, B.; McMahon, D. J.; Scully, C. Acu/Moxa for distal sensory peripheral neuropathy in HIV: a randomized control pilot study 2013 The Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care : JANAC 24 268-275 details   doi
Guo, T.; Ren, Y.; Kou, J.; Shi, J.; Tianxiao, S.; Liang, F. Acupoint Catgut Embedding for Obesity: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2015 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2015 1-20 details   url
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