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da Silva, J. B.; Nakamura, M. U.; Cordeiro, J. A.; Kulay, L. ,Jr.; Saidah, R. Acupuncture for dyspepsia in pregnancy: a prospective, randomised, controlled study 2009 Acupuncture in medicine : journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society 27 50-53 details   url
Guerreiro da Silva, J. B.; Nakamura, M. U.; Cordeiro, J. A.; Kulay, L. ,Jr.; Saidah, R. Acupuncture for dyspepsia in pregnancy: a prospective, randomised, controlled study 2009 27 50-53 details   url
Li, K.; Wei, D.; Li, J. K. Acupuncture plus acupoint-injection for treatment of cervical spondylosis of vertebroarterial type 2008 Journal of traditional Chinese medicine = Chung i tsa chih ying wen pan / sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine 28 243-244 details   url
Lansdown, H.; Howard, K.; Brealey, S.; MacPherson, H. Acupuncture for pain and osteoarthritis of the knee: a pilot study for an open parallel-arm randomised controlled trial 2009 10 130- details   url
Lin, Y. C.; Tassone, R. F.; Jahng, S.; Rahbar, R.; Holzman, R. S.; Zurakowski, D.; Sethna, N. F. Acupuncture management of pain and emergence agitation in children after bilateral myringotomy and tympanostomy tube insertion 2009 19 1096-1101 details   url
Lee, M. S.; Shin, B. C.; Ronan, P.; Ernst, E. Acupuncture for schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2009 63 1622-1633 JA - Int.J Cli details   url
Sastry, P.; Hardman, G.; Page, A.; Parker, R.; Goddard, M.; Large, S.; Jenkins, D.P. Mesenteric ischaemia following cardiac surgery: the influence of intraoperative perfusion parameters 2014 Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg 419-24 LID - 10.1093/icv details   doi
Rezvani, M.; Yaraghi, A.; Mohseni, M.; Fathimoghadam, F. Efficacy of Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture Versus Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for Migraine Treatment 2014 1-4 details   doi
Shan, Y.; Auid- Orcid; Wang, Z.Q.; Zhao, Z.L.; Zhang, M.; Hao, S.L.; Xu, J.Y.; Shan, B.C.; Lu, J.; Li, K.C. An FMRI study of neuronal specificity in acupuncture: the multiacupoint siguan and its sham point 2014 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2014 1-6 details   doi
Biernacki, W.; Peake, M. D. Acupuncture in treatment of stable asthma 1998 Respiratory medicine 92 1143-1145 details   url
Luo, H.; Meng, F.; Jia, Y.; Zhao, X. Clinical research on the therapeutic effect of the electro-acupuncture treatment in patients with depression 1998 52 Suppl S338-S340 details   url
Bullock, M. L.; Kiresuk, T. J.; Pheley, A. M.; Culliton, P. D.; Lenz, S. K. Auricular acupuncture in the treatment of cocaine abuse. A study of efficacy and dosing 1999 Journal of substance abuse treatment 16 31-38 details   url
Lee, C. K.; Chien, T. J.; Hsu, J. C.; Yang, C. Y.; Hsiao, J. M.; Huang, Y. R.; Chang, C. L. The effect of acupuncture on the incidence of postextubation laryngospasm in children 1998 Anaesthesia 53 917-920 details   url
David, J.; Modi, S.; Aluko, al Chronic neck pain: A comparison of acupuncture treatment and physiotherapy 1998 37 1118-2230 details   url
Shlay, J. C.; Chaloner, K.; Max, M. B.; Flaws, B.; Reichelderfer, P.; Wentworth, D.; Hillman, S.; Brizz, B.; Cohn, D. L. Acupuncture and amitriptyline for pain due to HIV-related peripheral neuropathy: a randomized controlled trial. Terry Beirn Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS 1998 280 1590-1595 details   url
White, A. R.; Resch, K. L.; Ernst, E. Randomized trial of acupuncture for nicotine withdrawal symptoms 1998 158 2251-2255 details   url
Ernst, E.; White, A. R. Acupuncture for back pain: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 1998 Archives of internal medicine 158 2235-2241 details   url
Birch, S.; Jamison, R. N. Controlled trial of Japanese acupuncture for chronic myofascial neck pain: assessment of specific and nonspecific effects of treatment 1998 The Clinical journal of pain 14 248-255 details   url
Gosman-Hedstrom, G. Effects of acupuncture treatment on daily life activities and quality of life: A controlled, prospective, and randomized study of acute stroke patients 1998 Stroke; a journal of cerebral circulation 29 2100-2108 details   url
Vilholm, O. J.; Moller, K.; Jorgensen, K. Effect of traditional Chinese acupuncture on severe tinnitus: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical investigation with open therapeutic control 1998 32 197-204 details   url
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