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Avants, S. K.; Margolin, A.; Chang, P.; Kosten, T. R.; Birch, S. Acupuncture for the treatment of cocaine addiction. Investigation of a needle puncture control 1995 Journal of substance abuse treatment 12 195-205 details   url
Cahn, A. M.; Carayon, P.; Hill, C.; Flamant, R. Acupuncture in gastroscopy 1978 Lancet 1 182-183 details   url
Coan, R. M.; Wong, G.; Coan, P. L. The acupuncture treatment of neck pain: a randomized controlled study 1981 The American journal of Chinese medicine 9 326-332 details   url
Facco, E.; Manani, G.; Angel, A.; Vincenti, E.; Tambuscio, B.; Ceccherelli, F.; Troletti, G.; Ambrosio, F.; Giron, G. P. Comparison study between acupuncture and pentazocine analgesic and respiratory post-operative effects 1981 The American journal of Chinese medicine 9 225-235 details   url
Dias, P. L.; Subramaniam, S.; Lionel, N. D. Effects of acupuncture in bronchial asthma: preliminary communication 1982 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 75 245-248 details   url
Hansen, P. E.; Hansen, J. H. Acupuncture management of chronic facial pain. A double-blind cross-over study 1981 Ugeskrift for laeger 143 2885-2887 details   url
Berry, H.; Fernandes, L.; Bloom, B.; Clark, R. J.; Hamilton, E. B. Clinical study comparing acupuncture, physiotherapy, injection and oral anti-inflammatory therapy in shoulder-cuff lesions 1980 Current medical research and opinion 7 121-126 details   url
Martin, G. P.; Waite, P. M. The efficacy of acupuncture as an aid to stopping smoking 1981 93 421-423 details   url
Loh, L.; Nathan, P. W.; Schott, G. D.; Zilkha, K. J. Acupuncture versus medical treatment for migraine and muscle tension headaches 1984 47 333-337 details   url
Godfrey, C. M.; Morgan, P. A controlled trial of the theory of acupuncture in musculoskeletal pain 1978 The Journal of rheumatology 5 121-124 details   url
Chow, O. K.; So, S. Y.; Lam, W. K.; Yu, D. Y.; Yeung, C. Y. Effect of acupuncture on exercise-induced asthma 1983 Lung 161 321-326 details   url
Cottraux, J. A.; Harf, R.; Boissel, J. P.; Schbath, J.; Bouvard, M.; Gillet, J. Smoking cessation with behaviour therapy of acupuncture--a controlled study 1983 Behaviour research and therapy 21 417-424 details   url
Coan, R. M.; Wong, G.; Ku, S. L.; Chan, Y. C.; Wang, L.; Ozer, F. T.; Coan, P. L. The acupuncture treatment of low back pain: a randomized controlled study 1980 The American journal of Chinese medicine 8 181-189 details   url
Gunn, C. C.; Milbrandt, W. E.; Little, A. S.; Mason, K. E. Dry needling of muscle motor points for chronic low-back pain: a randomized clinical trial with long-term follow-up 1980 Spine 5 279-291 details   url
Marks, N. J.; Emery, P.; Onisiphorou, C. A controlled trial of acupuncture in tinnitus 1984 98 1103-1109 details   url
Christensen, P. A.; Laursen, L. C.; Taudorf, E.; Sorensen, S. C.; Weeke, B. Acupuncture and bronchial asthma 1984 Allergy 39 379-385 details   url
Petrie, J. P.; Langley, G. B. Acupuncture in the treatment of chronic cervical pain. A pilot study 1983 1 333-336 details   url
Lehmann, T. R.; Russell, D. W.; Spratt, K. F. The impact of patients with nonorganic physical findings on a controlled trial of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and electroacupuncture 1983 8 625-634 details   url
Macdonald, A. J.; Macrae, K. D.; Master, B. R.; Rubin, A. P. Superficial acupuncture in the relief of chronic low back pain 1983 65 44-46 details   url
Lundeberg, T. A comparative study of the pain alleviating effect of vibratory stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electroacupuncture and placebo 1984 The American journal of Chinese medicine 12 72-79 details   url
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