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Bao, Y. H.; Feng, W.; zhu, G.; Zou, C.; Gong, Y.; Ji, C.; Li, J. A Randomized and Comparative Study on Vascular Dementia Treated by Needling Remaining at Head Points 2006 4 12-17 details   openurl
Bo, Q.; Zhang, J. Observation on Therapeutic Effects of Scalp Acupuncture Analgesia on Childbirth 2007 5 6-8 details   openurl
Bu, Y. Acupuncture Combined with Massage for Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis of Vertebral Artery Type 2006 4 44-46 details   openurl
Cheuk, D.; Yeung, W.; Chung, K.; Wong, V. Acupuncture for insomnia 2007 CD005472- details   openurl
Cho, S. H.; Whang, W. W. Acupuncture for Alcohol Dependence: A Systematic Review 2009 - details   openurl
DiLorenzo, L.; Traballesi, M.; Morelli, D.; Pompa, A.; Brunelli, S.; Formisano, R. Hemiparetic Shoulder Pain Syndrome Treated with Deep Dry Needling During Early Rehabilitation: A Prospective, Open-Label, Randomized Investigation 2003 12 25-34 details   openurl
Duan, G.; He, J.; Zeng, Z. Comparison of effects of acupuncture on cerebral infarction in different parts 1998 8 3-7 details   openurl
Dundee, J. W.; Ghaly, G.; Fitzpatrick, K. T. Randomised comparison of the antiemetic effects of metoclopramide and electro-acupuncture in cancer chemotherapy 1988 6 678-678 details   openurl
Ernst, E.; Lee, M.S.; Choi, T. Y. Acupuncture for Addictions: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews 2010 15 97-100 details   openurl
Fang, J. Acupuncture in the Treatment of Hypertension: A Literature Review 2010 23-26 details   openurl
Feldman, D.; Mariano, E. D. Treatment of fibromyalgia with acupuncture: a randomized placebo controlled trial of 16 weeks duration 2001 44 - details   openurl
Hammerschlag, R.; Morris, M. M. Clinical trials comparing acupuncture to biomedical standard care: A criteria-based evaluation of research design and reporting 1997 5 133-140 details   openurl
Hantoushzadeh, S.; Alhusseini, N.; Lebaschi, A. H. The effects of acupuncture during labour on nulliparous women: A randomised controlled trial 2007 47 26-30 details   openurl
Hopwood, V. Acupuncture in stroke recovery: a literature reveiw 1996 4 258-263 details   openurl
Jensen, R.; Baerheim, A. Bi Syndrome of the Knee Treated with Acupuncture, with Patellofemoral Pain syndrome as a Case Study 2000 64 13- details   openurl
Kho, K. H. The impact of acupuncture on pain in patients with reflex sympathetic dystrophy 1995 8 59-61 details   openurl
Korpan, M. I.; Dezu, Y.; Schneider, B.; Leitha, T.; Fialka-Moser, V. Acupuncture in the treatment of posttraumatic pain syndrome 1999 65 197-201 details   openurl
Lai, X. s.; Huang, Y. A Comparative Study on Acupoints of Specialty of Baihui, Shuigou and Shenmen in Treatment Vascular Dementia 2005 11 161-166 details   openurl
Lamontagne, Y.; Annable, L.; Gagnon, M. Acupuncture for smokers: lack of long-term therapeutic effect in a controlled study 1980 122 787-790 details   openurl
Lee, M. S.; Shin, B. C.; Ernst, E. Acupuncture for treating erectile dysfunction: a systematic review 2009 - details   openurl
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