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Zi Y. Chen; Ling Lin; Huan H. Wang; Yong Zhou; Jian Q. Yan; Yi L. Huang; Qu L. Guo Ondansetron combined with ST36 (Zusanli) acupuncture point injection for postoperative vomiting 2014 Acupuncture in Medicine 32 124-131 details   doi
Zhu, L. B.; Chan, W. C.; Lo, K. C.; Yum, T. P.; Li, L. Wrist-ankle acupuncture for the treatment of pain symptoms: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM 2014 1-9 details   doi
Zhaodi Zhang; Changsong Wang; Quanyi Li; Mingyue Zhang; Haifang Zhao; Linlin Dong; Guonian Wang; Yan Jin Electroacupuncture at ST36 accelerates the recovery of gastrointestinal motility after colorectal surgery: a randomised controlled trial 2014 Acupuncture in Medicine 32 223-226 details   doi
Zhao, L.; Qin, W.; Liu, J.X.; Fang, L.; Dong, M.H.; Zhang, F.W.; Jiang, C.; Sun, J.B.; von Deneen, K.M.; Liang, F.R. Two sets of acupoint combination of similar functions engage shared neural representation: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study 2014 Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 20 184-193 details   doi
Zhao, L.; Liu, J.; Zhang, F.; Dong, X.; Peng, Y.; Qin, W.; Wu, F.; Li, Y.; Yuan, K.; von Deneen, K. M.; Gong, Q.; Tang, Z.; Liang, F. Effects of long-term acupuncture treatment on resting-state brain activity in migraine patients: a randomized controlled trial on active acupoints and inactive acupoints 2014 PloS one 9 - details   doi
Zhang, J.; Chen, J.; Chen, J.; Li, X.; Lai, X.; Zhang, S.; Wang, S. Early filiform needle acupuncture for poststroke depression: a meta-analysis of 17 randomized controlled clinical trials 2014 Neural Regeneration Research 9 773-784 details   doi
Zhang, J. H.; Wang, D.; Liu, M. Overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of acupuncture for stroke 2014 Neuroepidemiology 42 50-58 details   doi
Zhang, Claire, Shuiqing; Yang, Angela, Weihong; Zhang, Anthony, Lin; May, Brian, H.; Xue, Charlie, Changli Sham Control Methods Used in Ear-Acupuncture/Ear-Acupressure Randomized Controlled Trials: A Systematic Review 2014 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 20 147-161 details   doi
Zeng, Ke; Dong, Hui-Juan; Chen, Hong-Yun; Chen, Zhe; Li, Bai; Zhou, Qing-Hui Wrist-Ankle Acupuncture for Pain After Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization in Patients with Liver Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2014 American Journal of Chinese Medicine 42 289-302 details   doi
Yukiko Shiro; Arai, Y.-C.P.; Tatsunori Ikemoto; Takashi Kawai; Masahiko Ikeuchi; Takahiro Ushida Distal Traditional Acupuncture Points of the Large Intestinal Meridian and the Stomach Meridian Differently Affect Heart Rate Variability and Oxygenation of the Trapezius Muscle 2014 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2014 1-5 details   url
Yu, J. B.; Dong, S. A.; Gong, L. R.; Wang, M.; Mu, R.; Li, C.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Z. D. Effect of electroacupuncture at Zusanli (ST36) and Sanyinjiao (SP6) acupoints on adrenocortical function in etomidate anesthesia patients 2014 Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research 20 406-412 details   doi
Yongfang Guo; Mingqing Xing; Wenjuan Sun; Xiaoyan Yuan; Hongyan Dai; Huamin Ding Plasma nesfatin-1 level in obese patients after acupuncture: a randomised controlled trial 2014 Acupuncture in Medicine 32 313-317 details   doi
Yong-Xin Sun; Yuan Wang; Xunming Ji; Xiaoguang Wu; Yong Zhao; Yuchuan Ding; Hussain, M.; Fei Yu; Wenbo Zhao; Jianping Jia A Randomized Trial of Chinese Diaoshi Jifa on Treatment of Dizziness in Meniere's Disease 2014 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2014 1-7 details   url
Yi, W. M.; Chen, Q.; Liu, C. H.; Hou, J. Y.; Chen, L. D.; Wu, W. K. Acupuncture for preventing complications after radical hysterectomy: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2014 Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM 2014 802134- details   doi
Yeo, S.; Kim, K. S.; Lim, S. Randomised clinical trial of five ear acupuncture points for the treatment of overweight people 2014 Acupuncture in medicine : journal of the British Medical Acupuncture Society 32 132-138 details   doi
Yeh, C. H.; Chien, L. C.; Albers, K.M.; Ren, D.; Huang, L. C.; Cheng, B.; Margolis, L.; Liu, R.; Suen, L. K. Function of Auricular Point Acupressure in Inducing Changes in Inflammatory Cytokines During Chronic Low-Back Pain: A Pilot Study 2014 Medical acupuncture 26 31-39 details   doi
Yang, X.; Zhao, H.; Wang, J. Chinese massage (Tuina) for the treatment of essential hypertension: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2014 Complementary therapies in medicine 22 541-548 details   doi
Yang, M.; Yang, J.; Zeng, F.; Liu, P.; Lai, Z.; Deng, S.; Fang, L.; Song, W.; Xie, H.; Liang, F. Electroacupuncture stimulation at sub-specific acupoint and non-acupoint induced distinct brain glucose metabolism change in migraineurs: a PET-CT study 2014 Journal of Translational Medicine 12 351-351 details   doi
Yang, J.-P.; Liu, J.-Y.; Gu, H.-Y.; Lv, W.-L.; Zhao, H.; Li, G.-P. [Randomized controlled trials of acupuncture and moxibustion for post-stroke constipation: a meta analysis] 2014 Zhongguo Zhen jiu = Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion 34 833-836 details   url
Xiaochen Yang; Xingjiang Xiong; Guoyan Yang; Jie Wang Effectiveness of Stimulation of Acupoint KI 1 by Artemisia vulgaris (Moxa) for the Treatment of Essential Hypertension: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials 2014 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 2014 1-7 details   url
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