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Fleckenstein, J.; Niederer, D.; Auerbach, K.; Bernhorster, M.; Hubscher, M.; Vogt, L.; Banzer, W. No Effect of Acupuncture in the Relief of Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial 2016 Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine : Official Journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 26 471-477 details   doi
Fogarty, S.; Smith, C.A.; Hay, P. The role of complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of eating disorders: A systematic review 2016 Eating Behaviors 21 179-188 details   doi
Fu, Y.; Ni, J.-X.; Marmori, F.; Zhu, Q.; Tan, C.; Zhao, J.-P. Infrared thermal imaging-based research on the intermediate structures of the lung and large intestine exterior-interior relationship in asthma patients 2016 Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 22 855-860 details   doi
Gadau, M.; Zhang, S.-P.; Yip, H.-Y.; Yeung, W.-F.; Bian, Z.-X.; Lu, A.-P.; Zaslawski, C. Pattern Differentiation of Lateral Elbow Pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Systematic Review 2016 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 22 921-935 details   url
Garcia-Vivas, J.M.; Galaviz-Hernandez, C.; Fernandez-Retana, J.; Pedroza-Torres, A.; Perez-Plasencia, C.; Lopez-Camarillo, C.; Marchat, L.A. Transcriptomic Profiling of Adipose Tissue in Obese Women in Response to Acupuncture Catgut Embedding Therapy with Moxibustion 2016 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 22 658-668 details   url
Geist, K.; Bradley, C.; Hofman, A.; Koester, R.; Roche, F.; Shields, A.; Frierson, E.; Rossi, A.; Johanson, M. Clinical Effects of Dry Needling Among Asymptomatic Individuals With Hamstring Tightness: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2016 Journal of Sport Rehabilitation 1-31 details   doi
Grant, S.; Kandrack, R.; Motala, A.; Shanman, R.; Booth, M.; Miles, J.; Sorbero, M.; Hempel, S. Acupuncture for substance use disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2016 Drug and Alcohol Dependence 163 1-15 details   doi
Grech, D.; Li, Z.; Morcillo, P.; Kalyoussef, E.; Kim, D.D.; Bekker, A.; Ulloa, L. Intraoperative Low-frequency Electroacupuncture under General Anesthesia Improves Postoperative Recovery in a Randomized Trial 2016 Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies 9 234-241 details   doi
Guo, T.; Chen, X.; Wu, X.; Shan, E.; Jin, Y.; Tai, X.; Liu, Z.; Zhu, B.; Yuan, K.; Chen, Z. Acupuncture for osteoporosis: a systematic review protocol 2016 Systematic Reviews 5 161 details   doi
Hadadian, F.; Sohrabi, N.; Farokhpayam, M.; Farokhpayam, H.; Towhidi, F.; Fayazi, S.; Soroush, A.; Abdi, A. The Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation (TEAS) on Fatigue in Haemodialysis Patients 2016 Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research : JCDR 10 Yc01-Yc04 details   doi
Haser, C.; Stoggl, T.; Kriner, M.; Mikoleit, J.; Wolfahrt, B.; Scherr, J.; Halle, M.; Pfab, F. Effect of Dry Needling on Thigh Muscle Strength and Hip Flexion in Elite Soccer Players 2016 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise details   doi
Hu, C.; Zhang, H.; Wu, W.; Yu, W.; Li, Y.; Bai, J.; Luo, B.; Li, S. Acupuncture for Pain Management in Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2016 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 1-13 details   url
Hyun-Dong Chae; Min-Ah Kwak; In-Hwan Kim Effect of Acupuncture on Reducing Duration of Postoperative Ileus After Gastrectomy in Patients with Gastric Cancer: A Pilot Study Using Sitz Marker 2016 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 22 465-472 details   url
Jiang, C.; Yang, S.; Tao, J.; Huang, J.; Li, Y.; Ye, H.; Chen, S.; Hong, W.; Chen, L. Clinical Efficacy of Acupuncture Treatment in Combination With RehaCom Cognitive Training for Improving Cognitive Function in Stroke: A 2 x 2 Factorial Design Randomized Controlled Trial 2016 Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 17 1114-1122 details   doi
Jiping Zhang; Yu Zheng; Yanjie Wang; Shanshan Qu; Shaoqun Zhang; Chunxiao Wu; Junqi Chen; Huailiang Ouyang; Chunzhi Tang; Yong Huang Evidence of a Synergistic Effect of Acupoint Combination: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study 2016 Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 22 800-809 details   url
Johns, C.; Seav, S.M.; Dominick, S.A.; Gorman, J.R.; Li, H.; Natarajan, L.; Mao, J.J.; Irene Su, H. Informing hot flash treatment decisions for breast cancer survivors: a systematic review of randomized trials comparing active interventions 2016 Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 156 415-426 details   doi
Kibar, S.; Konak, H.E.; Evcik, D.; Ay, S. Laser Acupuncture Treatment Improves Pain and Functional Status in Patients with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Sham-Controlled Study 2016 Pain Medicine (Malden, Mass.) details   doi
Kim, K.H.; Lee, M.S.; Kim, T.-H.; Kang, J.W.; Choi, T.-Y.; Lee, J.D. Acupuncture and related interventions for symptoms of chronic kidney disease 2016 The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews details   doi
Kim, S.-Y.; Min, S.; Lee, H.; Cheon, S.; Zhang, X.; Park, J.-Y.; Song, T.-J.; Park, H.-J. Changes of Local Blood Flow in Response to Acupuncture Stimulation: A Systematic Review 2016 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) 1-11 details   url
Ko, S.-J.; Kuo, B.; Kim, S.-K.; Lee, H.; Kim, J.; Han, G.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.-Y.; Jang, S.; Son, J.; Kim, M.; Lee, H.; Yeo, I.; Joo, K.R.; Park, J.-W. Individualized Acupuncture for Symptom Relief in Functional Dyspepsia: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2016 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.) 22 997-1006 details   doi
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